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Track: Roslyn
Artist: Bon Iver & St. Vincent


Roslyn » Bon Iver & St. Vincent

Wings wouldn't help you
Wings wouldn't help you down
Down towards the ground, gravity smiled

It’s not obedience. It’s respect.

Katara: ”You’ll be thankful for the time you had together with your siblings”

red velvet + name meanings

T H E  F A M I L Y  J E W E L S 


We’re the frickin’ Guardians of the Galaxy!


wear your armor

whether it’s makeup, a band tshirt, your fandom pins, tattoos, jewelry, your favorite ripped pair of jeans, or something no one else can touch or see like your favorite song repeating like a mantra in your head, the sound of your own heartbeat, or the knowledge that you were brave enough to get out of bed today when everything else inside you said “no”

wear your armor and kick ass